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What options do I have for the cable between Media Receiver and Panel?
Pioneer produce four cables that provide both MDR & DVI-Dtogether. They are:
  • PDAH01 - 3m (approx £100/€140)
  • PDAH02 - 7m (approx £190/€270)
  • PDAH03 - 10m (approx £200/€290)
  • PDAH04 - 30m System Cable & Repeaters (approx £650/€930)

The one supplied with the plasma is PDAH01 - the shortest one. Alternatives are created by both BetterCables and WireWorld. When buying alternatives you need to make sure you get a compatible cable that delivers both MDR & DVI-D. Please check compatibility before spending money!

Some Wireworld examples are available from places like this.
Some BetterCables examples are available from places like this.
To find others, just do a search for DVI MDR cables using a search engine. There is no reason why you can´t buy these cables separately if you like.

Do I need an expensive HDMI cable to get the best quality out of this plasma?
No. It´s a digital signal. If the 1s and 0s get through, then they get through. TV editing and the like doesn´t user uber-quality cable to transmit digital bits around. The standard lead that comes with your DVD player or SkyHD should be perfectly fine. If you want to get a cable with a custom length, take a look at Mark Grant for cables.

How can I connect XBOX360 to my Plasma?
If you have a recent Pioneer plasma screen* then you can use the component video output from the Xbox360 to your screen, but the exact way of connecting depends on exactly what equipment you have.

Just a Pioneer plasma screen with speakers attached to the screen
Connect the RED, GREEN and BLUE (Component video) plugs on video cable supplied with the Xbox360 to the RED, GREEN and BLUE (component video) connections on the rear of the media receiver box, and then use the Scart adaptor block supplied with the Xbox360 to connect the RED and WHITE connectors to the Scart input on the rear of the media receiver box, you do not connect the YELLOW video cable to the Scart adaptor.

Then you need to select input 2 or 3** on the plasma screen and then enter the HOME MENU on the plasma, then select OPTION to select the component output from the Xbox360. Once selected you should then be able to see the menu from the Xbox360 on screen, then enable the Hi-Def output on the Xbox360 (We have found the best quality of display is obtained when you select 720P but you can use either 576, 720P or 1080I).

A Pioneer Plasma screen with an A\V Amplifier or home cinema system
If you have a home cinema system or A\V amplifier then you would connect the RED, GREEN and BLUE video connections directly to the plasma screen* and then connect the optical out socket (on the big video plug that connects to the rear of the Xbox360) using a normal optical cable to the optical in on your A\V amp or home cinema system, then select the appropriate input on the A\V amp to amplify the audio.

* The 4th, 5th and new 6th Generation plasma systems are compatible with all the video outputs from the Xbox360, if you have a 3rd generation or earlier screen then you can use the component input but you will not be able to select the higher definition options on the Xbox360.

** On the 4th generation plasma screens the component video input is input 3, the 5th and 6th generation screens use input 2 for the component video input, if using the Scart adaptor for audio you will need to attach the Scart adaptor to the appropriate Scart input on the rear of the media receiver box.
Please remember to use GAME mode when playing games, and the recommendation is to limit to less than 2 hours at a time during running in.

What video component lead will match this panel?
Try a Mark Grant component lead or see the forums area for connections and leads.

I want to use more than one component lead. Does the XDE take component via VGA? I´d like to plug a component lead in via a VGA converter. Can it do 720p this way?
VGA-PC only and not 720p (which is supported from component and HDMI only). Why not get a component video switch (either via an AV amp or standalone from somewhere like John Sim who does an automatic one).

How do I connect my PC to my plasma screen?
The ideal connection depends on the screen you have.

The Pioneer range of domestic plasma screens are designed for intermittent connection of a PC, the analogue PC video connection is on the front of the media recover. To connect to the screen you need a normal male to male PC video cable, you can not use a Video cable extension lead.

The ideal resolution and refresh rate is as follows

43" Inch screens

PDP-433HDE, 1024x768, 75Htz
PDP-434HDE, 1024x768, 75Htz
PDP-435XDE, 1024x768, 75Htz
PDP-435HDE, 1024x768, 75Htz
PDP-435FDE does not support a PC video input.
PDP-436XDE, 1024x768, 75Htz
PDP-436FDE does not support a PC video input.
PDP-436RXE does not support a PC video input.
PDP-436SXE does not support a PC video input.

50" Inch screens

PDP-503HDE, 1280x768, 75Htz
PDP-504HDE, 1280x768, 75Htz
PDP-505XDE, 1280x768, 75Htz
PDP-505HDE, 1280x768, 75Htz
PDP-506XDE, 1280x768, 75Htz
PDP-506FDE does not support a PC video input.

If you try to connect a video input with to high a refresh rate or with a to high a resolution the screen will display an ´OUT OF RANGE warning, you should reduce the resolution or refresh rate of the input if this occurs.

If you connect a lower resolution input you can chose to view the picture dot for dot or stretch the image to fill the screen, but this may introduce distortions to the image.

You CAN NOT connect a PC to a domestic screen via a DVI connection.

The HDMI connection on the 4th and 5th generation screens can be used with a DVI to HDMI converter but the DVI signal must include HDCP (Hi Definition Copy Protection) signals. Without HDCP the HDMI link will shut down, you can only use a DVI to HDMI converter with DVD players that have DVI outputs and feature HDCP

The user manuals for the screens have more detailed instructions and pictures detailing how they can be connected, these can be downloaded from;

Is an HDMI cable supplied with your DVD players or Plasma Screens?
No, we do not manufacture HDMI cables and therefore we would suggest contacting your supplying dealer or we believe that the following company should be able to help:-
The Media Factory
Netherby House
Romanno Bridge
EH46 7DB
Office - 01968 661 803
Web -

I have connected my DV-868 or DV-668 to my plasma screen by HDMI, how do I enable the HDMI link?
The HDMI connection for the PDP-434HDE and PDP-504HDE is Input 3.
To enable the HDMI connection you should;
1, Connect the DVD player to the media receiver by an HDMI cable, make sure that the media receiver is connected to the screen.
2, Turn on the DVD player, the screen and the media receiver.
3, Use the remote control for the plasma screen to select input 3, this will be shown on the screen.
4, Then use the remote control to enter the `Home Menu´.
5, Use the down arrow on the remote control to select the `Option´ on screen, then press enter.
6, The last entry in the `Option´ menu is used to enable and adjust the HDMI connection.
7, Play a DVD disk in the DVD player, you should now get the playback on the screen.

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